June 7-10 2022 “Achieving the elimination of viral hepatitis within evolving health systems”

The World Hepatitis Summit (WHS) is an innovative, large-scale, global meeting to advance the viral hepatitis agenda and provide a platform for a broad hepatitis community to take stock of progress to date, share ideas, experiences and best practice in addressing the many challenges of viral hepatitis.

It is the only global hepatitis conference which is focused on public health and it provides an unrivalled opportunity to focus a global audience on the implementation of a viral hepatitis response and so drive progress to make the elimination of viral hepatitis a reality.

WHS pioneers changes within the fight against hepatitis by offering the opportunity to forge relationships between civil society, governments, medical professionals, academics and other stakeholders for the development and implementation of elimination plans and strengthening of the community voice in the viral hepatitis response.

The World Hepatitis Summit 2022 was co-sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Past Summits

WHS 2022 will be the third World Hepatitis Summit, find out more about the impact of previous events here


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