The theme of the World Hepatitis Summit 2017 is Implementing the Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral Hepatitis (GHSS): Towards the elimination of hepatitis as a public health threat.

The programme of the World Hepatitis Summit 2017 seeks to promote advocacy, encourage the exchange of ideas and facilitate learning to use in the fight against viral hepatitis. The programme has been formed by a Programme Secretariat and five sub-Committees made up of experts in the field of hepatitis and civil society groups.

The Summit’s agenda is structured around the Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral Hepatitis (GHSS) and includes sessions that focus on each of its five Strategic Directions. The GHSS on Viral Hepatitis signals a commitment to eliminating viral hepatitis and outlines how we can achieve this.

Strategic Direction 1Strategic Direction 1 - Information for focused action: developing a strong strategic information system to understand viral hepatitis epidemics and focus the response;
Strategic Direction 2Strategic Direction 2 - Interventions for impact: defining essential, high-impact interventions on the continuum of hepatitis services that should be included in health benefit packages;
Strategic Direction 3Strategic Direction 3 - Delivering for equity: strengthening health and community systems to deliver high-quality services to achieve equitable coverage and maximum impact;
Strategic Direction 4Strategic Direction 4 - Financing for sustainability: proposing strategies to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and minimize the risk of financial hardship for those requiring the services;
Strategic Direction 5Strategic Direction 5 - Innovation for acceleration: promoting and embracing innovation to drive rapid progress.
  • Registration

  • Keynote speech(es)

  • Partner Introductions and Setting the Scene

    • Introduction from the Government of Brazil
    • Introduction from World Health Organization: Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral hepatitis and the strategic directions to achieve this
    • Introduction from the World Hepatitis Alliance: The role of advocacy in achieving elimination
  • Lunch and networking

  • Plenary Presentations

    • Strategic information for focused actionStrategic Direction 1
    • Global availability of data and the requirements for reporting on the indicatorsStrategic Direction 1
    • Current status of the global hepatitis responseStrategic Direction 1
  • Refreshments and networking

  • Parallel Workshops

    • Supporting countries for better strategic informationStrategic Direction 1
  • Summit Dinner

  • Plenary Presentations

    • Hepatitis in the context of universal health coverage and health systems strengtheningStrategic Direction 2Strategic Direction 3
    • From global strategy to national policy: interventions for impactStrategic Direction 2
    • Best practicesStrategic Direction 3
  • Refreshments and networking 

  • Parallel Workshops

    • TestingStrategic Direction 2
    • TreatmentStrategic Direction 2
    • PreventionStrategic Direction 2
    • Equitable servicesStrategic Direction 3
    • Quality assuranceStrategic Direction 3
  • Lunch and networking

  • Parallel Workshops continued

  • Refreshments and networking

  • Plenary Session

    • Interventions for impact and delivering for equityStrategic Direction 2Strategic Direction 3
  • Plenary Presentations

    • Public health research and implementation scienceStrategic Direction 5
  • Refreshments and networking 

  • Plenary Session

    • Financing a National Response to HepatitisStrategic Direction 4
    • Novel Financing MechanismsStrategic Direction 4
    • Country ExamplesStrategic Direction 4
  • Lunch and networking

  • Workshops

  • Refreshments and networking

  • Closing Session

Please note this agenda is a draft and subject to change.